“…your budget requests are due…”

I have always dreaded the arrival at this time of the year of that message. It comes at a particularly busy time for teachers, and it’s not a task that I enjoy doing. Part of it is timing, and the rest of it is the challenge of trying to buy quality curricula and equipment that is in students’ best interest on a limited budget. Sort of like going grocery shopping.

This year had a different twist. My long-time colleague asked me what I thought we should order for the new teacher that will fill my position next year.

As the co-author of Fit Kids Fit Future, at first it seemed self-serving to suggest that our curricula should be purchased. So, I decided to look to see what else is out there for teachers – especially a new teacher that will inherit a busy 7-classes- a- day schedule. My position includes both middle and high school physical education along with middle and high school health– a situation that could bury a new teacher.

So, I looked. I scanned the magazines all teachers get in their mailboxes, I looked through the cost of items, and I even considered textbooks.

Then, without a doubt in my mind, I recommended to my colleague that he order the health and physical education curricula from Fit Kids Fit Future. Textbooks would be rapidly out of date and expensive. Equipment costs are out of sight. For $500 the new health teacher will get 26 weeks of instruction, topics never before seen, graphic organizers, answer keys, focus activities and the tedious work of standards alignment is already done. The physical education curriculum helps students connect the dots between what they learn in the gymnasium and their own health and well being. Students want to go to gym class – all fitness abilities are supported via the use of exercise progressions. Add to that the Fit and Ready template, Adventure Games, Leadership Component, I could not find a better value in my search. Not even close.

I have heard over the years that the sign of a truly successful teacher and coach is one that leaves her program set up for future success. I would like to be thought of after I retire as a successful teacher and coach. Fit Kids Fit Future will provide my replacement clear avenues to success with the tools she needs to start her toolbox.

I rest my reputation on it.

Tammy Alcott

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