Discover Your Students Hidden Genius With This Powerful Health Lesson Plan

Our hidden genius lesson explores a carefully crafted process designed to assist students in discovering their hidden genius.  Our purpose is to motivate students to view themselves as unique, to set them on the path of discovering their individual skill set and how they might use this to contribute to the lives of others, to animals, or to the planet.

We share with students the statistic “Research shows that you had a one in 400 trillion chance of being born”.  We are not here by chance, and neither are our students.

After working though a series of focus activities, students work with partners to combine their hidden geniuses and to design simulated companies that contribute to the world in some way.  Students then present their new company to the class.

Here are three examples of companies created by students.  Each is identified with the student’s first name followed by their hidden genius:

Aubrey:  Helping people with cancer

Branden:  Designing sneakers

Sam:  Creative designer

Cameron:  Helping animals

Mason:  Technology

Kaelee:  Helping people with cancer

This enrichment activity promotes 21st Century learning skills where students are at the center of their own learning.  Research, leadership, teaching, higher level thinking – it’s all here.  Most importantly, students as young as 7th grade are thinking outside the box on how they can create value for others in this world.

For more information on how you can supplement your existing curriculum with exciting health lesson plans such as hidden genius,  click here.


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