Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: I’m already too busy with all of my classes, isn’t this more work?

Answer: No.  After attending our Professional Development you will be completely prepared to implement our curriculum seamlessly into your existing curriculum.  We understand the chaos of your setting.  It’s your choice as to how you will utilize our template.  ”

Frankly, we have seen that it is less work for the PE and Health teacher because the kids are working harder than you are.

Question 2: How does the testing work?

Answer: In health classes there are a pre- and post-test provided.  You can expand on this with essay questions if you wish.

In PE classes students earn a Fit and Ready Score.  A pre-test is completed at the beginning of the curriculum, and a post-test at the end.  Although we would love to see you test all eleven of the Universal Movements, it’s up to you what you decide to test, given your expertise and the needs of your students.

Question 3: What are your results?

Answer: In health classes, end-of-year evaluations have shown high interest and enthusiasm for the class.  Some students tried to sign up to take it again!

Click Here to View Our Fit and Ready Testing Pilot Program Post Assessment Results

Question 4: Be honest – what about the student that hates PE?

Answer: We meet students where they are and support them as they practice the universal movements during warm-ups.  Our exercise progressions enable EVERY student to be successful.

And, by the way, when utilizing our template, students improve on their Fit and Ready Score without even knowing it!

That’s what our program is about – support the teacher so the teacher can challenge and support the student.

Question 5: Do the Health and PE curricula align with the Common Core State Standards?

Answer: Yes.  As you know, Common Core standards have not been written for the non-core subjects such as Health and PE.   Nevertheless, we are expected to prepare lessons that develop Common Core principles and support the rigor and skills they embody.  Our Health curriculum provides students with an opportunity to analyze informational text, to synthesize information from various sources, to identify and evaluate author point of view, and to support claims with evidence in writing. Students practice close reading, speaking and listening, and writing skills.  See our Standards Alignment page on the website for more information and detailed alignment information.

Question 6: How can I fit FKFF into my current curriculum?

Answer: There is no easy answer to this question.  It’s really up to you.  During Professional Development and our online Q & A we help you plan when and how you will implement our curricula, with the creation of your own curriculum map.

Question 7: What if I have questions after I attend the Professional Development?

Answer: We will support you in your efforts via e-mail and phone conversations.

Question 8: Is this program really as good as people say it is?

Answer:  Yes.  We think so.

Question 9: How can I afford this program with a tight budget?

 Answer:  We have made this super-affordable. In addition, aid is available – Our Curricula is a COSER item in the NYS Board of Cooperative Educational Services System.

Question 10: Can I photocopy the materials?

Answer: Teachers who purchase and receive licensing rights to teach the curriculum may photo copy and distribute Fit Kids Fit Future materials for their personal classroom use only. Sharing of our copy written materials with non-licensed teachers or districts is prohibited.

Question 11: Is it true that spring only lasts one day in upstate New York?

Answer: Sadly, yes.  We still like it here though!