Heading into Chapter 3

Last week I made a few too many copies of a Fit Kids Fit Future graphic organizer, so as

I was organizing my desk I started to put them into a folder for next year. As soon as I

opened the folder I froze. I am retiring from Waterville Central School in June. There

was no need for the folder, someone else will be teaching “my” health classes in 2016-



I will be heading into chapter 3 of my life. I told my husband the other night that we

needed to make every effort to enjoy chapter 3, because chances are – Chapter 4 won’t be

as much fun. It’s a sobering thought.


Reflecting on and thinking about my students this year is bitter sweet. I see some with

struggles, some with successes and can only guess what their future holds.

I do know with certainty that the healthier they are, the brighter their futures will be.

With certainty, those who have found their Hidden Genius will find a way to help them

live better, make mankind better, help animals, nature, and the planet. With certainty,

those who can easily perform their activities of daily living have a better chance of

moving throughout their lives with better health and freedom of movement. I know with

certainly that I will miss them.


I know with certainty that especially over the last two years with the help of our Fit Kids

Fit Future team, I have found a way to teach students lifelong skills as they enter into

their next chapter. Personally, it’s incredibly important to me that I can spend time with

my family and continue to have the opportunity of helping students. I plan on spending

my newly found free time chasing my grandson, writing new curricula and co-teaching

seminars throughout New York State. I can’t wait.

Tammy Alcott

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  1. Tammy,

    I am sure you will enjoy everything “chapter 3” has to offer. It has been an absolute honor to call you a colleague and friend for the last 15 years!! Congratulations!

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that Chapter 3 will be the best! Chapter 1 & 2 have set you up nicely. You are a teacher at heart and will always be! Chapter 3 is a new setting, you will move freely through it, chasing your dreams! Love you girl!

  3. Awesome! You have your health, you’re positive and you love life! Rock on my friend!

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