Health Curriculum

What sets our Health Education program apart?

1. The subtext of every health lesson is the empowerment of students to take responsibility for their own health. Students learn the holistic principles behind the vision of lifelong wellness on which Fit Kids Fit Future™ is based.

2. The flow of curriculum moves organically from a focus on personal values, goal-setting and competencies at the outset through more general health topics like nutrition and sleep, to a global focus on community building and shared responsibility.

3. Students create their own Health Roadmap which becomes a lifelong resource for both students and parents, creating a strong home to school connection.

4. Inquiry-based lessons inspire student research, and optional extensions challenge even the strongest students, yet scaffolded activities and open-ended assignments allow students of all abilities to achieve and be successful.

5. Students love it! In the words of a recent Fit Kids Fit Future™ health class graduate, “I never thought I would be able to enjoy health class this much. For my goals, I wanted to be more fit and eat healthy. I have accomplished those goals and now I feel better about myself and more confident. You made a huge impact on me!”

6. Teachers love it too. Lessons supply easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions as well as all worksheets and answer keys to teach it “right out of the box.”

7. All alignment with research-based Educational Best Practices and Common Core and National Health Standards has been articulated clearly.

Table of Contents

Module 1
Lesson 1: The Benefits of Being Healthy and Strong
Lesson 2: Building My Own Health Roadmap
Lesson 3: What Is a Personal Value?
Lesson 4: Hidden Genius
Lesson 5: Setting Goals
Lesson 6: Building an Action Plan
Lesson 7: Universal Movements

Module 2
Lesson 1: Caveman Nutrition
Lesson 2: Sleep
Lesson 3: Stress
Lesson 4: Positive Affirmations

Module 3
Lesson 1: Healthy Communities – 1
Lesson 2: Healthy Communities – 2
Lesson 3: Healthy Communities – 3
Lesson 4: Healthy Communities – 4