How to Increase Student Participation In P.E. Class

After a two year pilot program at Waterville Central School located in Central NY was completed we discovered some eye opening statistics. 71% of middle school students can no longer do one perfect push-up, 81% are unable to do a chin-up, over 50% have core imbalances from left to right and almost all of them dislike running. So put yourself in the students shoes and how confident would you be next time the physical education teacher says “drop down and give me ten pushups” or “today we are running the mile”. The vast majority are beyond nervous and are extremely scared to embarrass themselves in front of other students. How do we know this? We asked students, and have observed for this for 30 years.

That’s where the Fit Kids Fit Future exercise progressions come in. You can increase a student’s confidence with performing difficult exercises and make student progress trackable and repeatable with exercise progressions. Our progressions are designed to meet the student where they are at. Imagine a gymnasium that has three top athletes, 10 reasonably experienced students and 10 overweight low confidence students. Imagine if all of them could be working on their pushups, air squats or side bridge ALL AT THE SAME TIME AT THEIR OWN LEVEL, no competition, and in a safe respected atmosphere? That is the future of physical education if we want to engage our students from a fitness perspective, build confidence and create a clear path to improvement.

As a bonus this same exact training methodology has worked on adults for numerous years and proved extremely successful at Garage Gym, a local private coaching training center in Central NY. Once an established starting point is determined, it’s mandatory to have the necessary exercise progressions in place to breed continued success or frustration and eventually quitting will occur.

Join the numerous physical education and health teachers who have chosen to rise to the challenge of building healthier and stronger students by ordering now!

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