Is Your School The Fittest? Physical Education Challenge #1

Oct 23rd – Jan 25th Challenge: The Unbroken Jump Rope

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Fit Kids Fit Future announces its first ever “Is your school the fittest?” competition. Schools across New York State will be participating in the first of many upcoming FREE events… The Unbroken Jump Rope Challenge will last from Oct 23rd – January 25th. Physical education teachers across the state have the opportunity to assess their classes with the event below and report to Josh at Fit Kids Fit Future their top performers: one male and one female between grades K-6 and one male and one female between grades 7-12. In addition, each participating school can also submit a “Best Effort” award nomination for a student who puts full effort toward this challenge, with a short write-up on why this student deserves the award. Fit Kids Fit Future will be announcing the winners February 1st on our website, Facebook and Twitter page. Feel free to share this challenge with your fellow educators. Every semester a new “Is your school the fittest?” competition will be announced.


  • Students will work in pairs with one jump rope.
  • One person will be the repetition counter while the other jumps rope.
  • The objective for the student jumping rope is to see how many “single unders” in a row they can do WITHOUT making a mistake.
  • The maximum time a student can jump rope (unbroken) is 5 minutes (we recommend having the student’s jump rope on a 5 minute timer so this can be monitored). Maybe this will be a positive way to involve a student’s cell phone in class?
  • If a student makes a mistake, simply start the count back at zero and begin again!
  • It’s up to each individual teacher how to roll this out within your setting.
  • There is no limit to how many times a student can attempt this in the 4 week challenge period.
  • A submitted “top performer’ score must have been completed in a PE class with the PE teacher present.

A student’s score is the highest number of repetitions completed UNBROKEN. Maximum time spent jumping is 5 minutes.

One female and one male in grades K-6 with the highest score
One female and one male in grades 7-12 with the highest score
One student that put forth “best effort”

Will receive a certificate signed by the authors of Fit Kids Fit Future and recognition on our Facebook Page!

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