P.E. Curriculum

What sets our Physical Education program apart?

1. With lifelong health as our goal, the PE curriculum stresses functional fitness — eleven “Universal Movements” which underline the activities of daily living necessary for healthy movement throughout our life span.

2. The Fit and Ready Assessment is a groundbreaking twist on fitness testing where objective and authentic assessment is routine. We provide the format and the template to assess the entire body based on our eleven universal movements offering the perfect balance between challenging and achievable for all students.

3. Through a continuum of exercise progressions, our assessment model ensures success for every student and is a life long biomarker for functional health.

4. Physical education objectives are taught through guided play- a series of original adventure games: lesson plans provide the rules,diagrams and teacher-friendly instructions. Moreover, in the leadership development component, students are challenged to create their own games and teach them to the rest of the class, while adhering to specific guidelines.

5. The program requires minimal gymnasium set-up and even less equipment (yoga blocks, jump ropes and 8 foot 2 x 4’s out of the maintenance closet!)

6. Our package offers a holistic blending of Health and PE course work that functions synergistically to achieve the goal of overall wellness, yet each curriculum can stand alone.

7. Fit Kids Fit Future™ Physical Education curriculum complements existing curricula and teaching styles.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Physical Education Activities
Teacher Message to Students
Warm-Up Template
The Point Challenge
Pocket Ball

Part 1: Physical Education Activities Continued
Capture the Flag with a Twist
Adventure Challenge
Don’t Rock the Boat: Team Challenge
Front Leaning Raise Circle
Team Tag
Follow the Leader
Flight Simulator
Island Dodgeball

Part 2: Student Creation of Games Activity
Student Creation of Games Activity

2013-2014 Fit and Ready Post Assessment Results

The students who participated in our Fit and Ready Assessment pilot program trained for five months, twice a week for thirty minutes.
The Fit and Ready Score was calculated using the following universal movements:

  • Chin up
  • Jump Rope
  • Push up
  • Right and Left Side Bridge
Grade 7
Stayed the Same
Grade 8
Stayed the Same