Sleep and Universal Movements from a Fit Kids Fit Future Student Perspective…..

The Fit Kids Fit Future Health Curriculum educates students on many lifestyle factors that are critical to life long health, two of which are sleep and universal movements. Our unique approach submerses students in an understanding of the latest research and findings behind these topics. Below, is a short essay by Nathan a 10th grade Fit Kids Fit Future student at Waterville Central School.


Two Simple Ways You Can Change Your Life

Guest Post By Nathan


One way you can change your life is by sleeping. Although all of us sleep, many of us do

not get enough of it including myself. One thing that I learned about sleep is that without enough

of it your performance at anything will greatly decrease. I also learned that lack of sleep actually

makes you dumber, this is because it impairs your attention, alertness, concentration, reasoning

and problem solving. Lack of sleep makes it much harder to learn while in class. The final fact

about sleep that blew my mind was when you are sleep deprived the many risks it can lead to.

Some of these risks include heart attack, heart disease, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, high

blood pressure, strokes and diabetes. The way to prevent these risks is to just sleep 8.5 to 9.5

hours. Before going to sleep try not to have contact with any electronics an hour before you go to

bed. Another thing to do is try to go to sleep at the same time every night. Make sure your room

is slightly cool, dark and quiet. If you do this you will sleep great and improve your health.

The second thing you can do is quick and will improve your health greatly is called

Universal Movements. These movements are easy exercises that anyone can do no matter what

your health is like. The movements are meant to strengthen key parts in your body which will

increase your endurance and your strength. Some of theses movements are air squats, lunges,

front leaning raises and side bridges. I am proof of Universal Movements working. In the beginning of

this year I was in decent shape and basketball season was coming up. After learning about these two

simple things I decided to try it out myself. After about two weeks, I realized how much more endurance

and strength I had gained, and I was amazed. About a month later I began to add weights to my

exercises to become even more fit. I did this for another month and basketball tryouts were here and I

was ready.

During tryouts I was shocked at how fast I was compared to other players who

were also trying out. In the end, I made the team, and I was so happy with my performance and

how fit I felt. This is why I will never be sleep deprived again and why I will always do

Universal Movements for the rest of my life.



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