Here’s what kids have to say:

“Kids don’t realize how much exercise they are doing because they are having fun!”
Emma B.  –  7th Grade

“Making up games lets kids use their imagination.”
Bethany W.  –  7th Grade

“I like the testing because it made me feel better about myself. I look forward to it. I know I’ll do good!”
Brianna D.  –  7th Grade

“When we were introduced to this program I had never even heard of an air squat. Now, I find myself doing them for fun. I love how we warm up in gym with jump ropes, air squats, lunges, front leaning raises and side bridges instead of our usual running and stretching. The games are nice for building endurance and skill so we can do more advanced exercises. I think we should, and other schools should, use this program in health, elementary schools, and in regular gym classes.”
Andrew R.  –  7th Grade

Administrators are saying:

“It’s a program that engages students not only in fitness activities that they find very fun, but also in the creation of activities and games they can share with their classmates. As an administrator in the building, what I have seen from the teaching perspective is renewed interest with our teaching staff. There is an enthusiasm from our physical education teachers about teaching the physical movements and being involved in the games incorporated in this program. Students are embracing the physical fitness aspect. It’s an overall positive atmosphere for our physical education.”

Jon Thummler
Associate Principal

“Fit Kids Fit Future empowers kids to be mindful of their overall health and fitness for a lifetime.”

Wendy Bunker
Instructional Support Specialist

“Fit Kids Fit Future allows the simple premise of strong body, strong mind. It’s cutting edge in its simplicity. It allows PE teachers to supplement and enhance the existing curriculum, it gives kids the ability to take ownership of their learning.
Fit Kids Fit Future has helped to breathe new life into our physical education program. There is a buzz around school among staff and students and new energy levels when you walk in the gym.”

Matthew St. Peter

What Practitioners are saying:

“We all know that healthy habits need to be established at a young age. Fit Kids Fit Future is a program that empowers the child to learn not only the “how” to be fit, but also the “why” to be fit, thus raising the child’s willingness and self-esteem associated with engaging in functional physical movements. As a chiropractor, I notice that most if not all of the adults that present in my office are unable to perform the functional movements taught in the Fit Kids Fit Future program. This means that not only are they inflexible and weak, but they have lost the brain/body connections that allow for balance and stability. This in turn sets them up for greater risk of injury and disability as they age. Childhood obesity, which leads to chronic disease, is epidemic in our country. If we are serious about preparing our children for the future this program is critical to the foundation of developing a healthy lifestyle. Fit Kids Fit Future is a must program for every school district.”

Dr. Peter L. Lombardi, D.C.
Dr. Lombardi is a graduate from New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY. He is the owner of Lombardi Chiropractic in Oneida, NY.

“The Fit Kids Fit Future program is a well-designed program that meets some of our country’s health crises head-on. We have an epidemic of poor “lifestyle” choices, especially an unhealthy diet and a lack of exercise, resulting in health problems such as obesity, adult-onset diabetes, hypertension and other heart diseases affecting an increasing proportion of our population. These diseases directly lead to premature death or disability. A troubling trend has been seen in recent years with these health problems that used to only present in adults now showing up in younger and younger patients. To reverse this trend, national stakeholder organizations have called for improvements in nutritional intake and exercise levels. Unfortunately, our population continues to get more obese and less fit with passing time. There are encouraging developments to combat this epidemic, including programs like Fit Kids Fit Future. Fit Kids Fit Future reaches our kids before many of the tolls of poor lifestyle choices are realized. Fit Kids Fit Future provides a transformative framework for lifelong wellness by addressing components including physical fitness and healthy nutrition. Fit Kids Fit Future is a school-based program that offers a springboard to building improved life-long health and wellness for our kids.”

Dr. John Colianni
Dr. John Colianni is a practicing Sports Medicine Practitioner at Martins Points Health Care in Maine and is Board Certified in Sports and Family Medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine. John is an avid Triathlete, skier, and surfer.